Friday, 7 April 2017

Decorating the Living Room Walls

When we think about hosting friends or spending some quality time with our extended family, we often tend to think about the living room above anything else. The reason is the fact that you cannot be a host of several people unless you have adequate space. While most of us have this space dedicated for a living room, many of us basically have very little knowhow about how to decorate the space to make it more welcoming, lavish and, at the same time, cozier.

With that said, walls of the room have huge role to play in overall design. For this purpose, we are going to mention some ways you can decorate the living room walls, and make the room’s environment friendlier and cozier.

The painting hung on a wall

A painting on the wall is an absolute way to start decorating the room. Depending on the budget, you can ask a professional painter to make something for you. Or you can simply make print of previously made famous artwork.

The shelves

Shelving occupies the wall space for good. It is not only decorative but it also provides an option to store just about anything of small size which you want to put on display. Small artworks and books are the perfect candidates to be put in the shelving. When it comes to the type of shelving, you can hire a renovator to integrate shelves in the walls. You can do it if you have budget to do it. If you are looking for a cost effective option, you can use the hanging shelves.

The family photos

Your family persons are the people you love, and you would definitely want to be proud of the family you belong to. Hanging family photos on the walls of living room is another way to let the people know about your love for your family. Doing so will also help you decorate your living space.

A glossy paint stripe along the room’s perimeter

Nobody would want to ignore adding a hint of texture in the room when there is a possibility. One of the best ways you can do it is to add a stripe of glossy paint along the room’s perimeter. That stripe will separate two colors of the wall paint; i.e. the one above it and the one below it.

The accent wall

Creating an accent wall may have become pretty conventional but people still love it. The reason is that it gives the best of a focal point. To create an accent wall, you can either design the entire wall or you can just design a portion of it. Anything can be used for designing an accent wall. The preferable option is to add paneling to the wall. You can also attach fabrics of different styles.

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